As a business owner, you may have some form of Digital Marketing Ideas in the back of your mind. It is crucial for every business to implement a Digital Marketing Strategy in order to improve their online visibility and be relevant today.

The main issue many business owners face is how to integrate their ideas throughout an online or offline marketing strategy.

Having a crystal-clear understanding of what your business is currently doing and what you would like to achieve is the most important step of planning. This will help you achieve your marketing goals.

In a small survey by Smart Insights involving 600+ marketers worldwide, a staggering 49% of businesses do not have a marketing strategy, 17% do not follow it and only 34% implement it on a day-to-day basis.

To make a marketing plan work for you and your business, it is crucial to create and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You should do everything possible to achieve them. Carefully measuring them in real-time will help you avoid failure even if the KPIs are not reached. Having a dashboard like Google Analytics For Measuring Traffic Metrics will provide important metrics that can help you make adjustments in a timely manner.

Why Is Internet Marketing So Important?

Internet Marketing closely aligns with the way Consumers Make Purchasing Decisions. With more consumers online and an endless variety of opportunities available to research products and compare prices, your business needs to adapt to offer the consumer the best product at the best price.

Once you recognize the importance of Internet Marketing, you will have a base to start growing your business in new ways.

It enables you to be open for business 24 hours a day without having concerns about opening hours or any overtime payments for your staff.

Selling your products online is also appropriate for customers. They can easily browse your online shop at any time and place an order when it is suitable for them.

With the rapid growth of technology, it is very important to have a marketing plan in place that is flexible to suit changes now or in the future.

Here are key reasons why a marketing plan is so important to every business:

  • Your Customers are online – There are over 4.2 billion people on the internet. This gives you a great opportunity to reach people that are looking for a business that sells products like yours.
  • People throughout the world use the internet to obtain all kinds of information about products, services and all kinds of businesses. If your business invests in Internet Marketing, you will be helping your company reach those interested leads.
  • It gives you the chance to move people along in your sales funnel and connect with leads that are interested in your business.
  • You create clear two-way communication with your customers – A lot of companies use Traditional Marketing and this form of communication is one-way. Here, you can create a print ad in a newspaper or a TV ad and hope your audience sees your ad.Internet marketing allows you to start a two-way communication with your clients and creates a way for them to connect with your business. Your marketing efforts, such as running a PPC (Ad), Creating A Social Media Post or any of other form marketing, will create an opportunity for anyone to contact you.
  • Once you have two-way communication with your target audience, they will see your business as a valuable source that helps in their purchasing process.The end goal is building relationships with your audience that will increase the likelihood of them becoming customers and increase the chances they will become repeat customers.
  • Your Competitors are already using internet marketing – You need to remain in competition with your competitors because they are already investing lots of time and money in different Internet Marketing Options to help them obtain new leads for their business.If you are not investing time and money in internet marketing you will be falling behind your competitors.
  • You will increase your business online visibility If your business is quite new you will need to improve your Online Visibility. This will help people to discover your company quicker. With offline tactics, there is a lack of control over who will see your marketing activity..This is completely different for Online Marketing. Here, you can expose your business and products to hundreds of people in many different places.People can access your social media or website 24/7 and, this alone, will give your business a better chance of being seen more.

    Other digital marketing methods such as Content Marketing or even Video Marketing can also be a great way to get more exposure at any time of the day.

  • Your audience will have a personalized experience – You will need to make your target audience feel like they are important to your business. Having a custom experience that interests them and not just make them think they are another number is the perfect way to do this.People will be visiting your business for different reasons. Some will be interested in a specific product and others may be interested in your brand ethos or message.. Customising the experience for each user will make them value your business more and give you a better chance of generating return business or recommending you to others.You will drive quality traffic to your website – The biggest hurdle with Traditional Advertising is getting interesting leads.

    You put your advertising in front of the correct people but it is difficult to know if any of the leads are valuable. Any advertising will appear in front of both interested and uninterested leads, meaning it’s tricky to drive quality traffic to your website.

    Targeting demographic information, interests, hobbies or different spending habits of people is part of internet marketing. This process allows you to get really accurate with your Internet Marketing, meaning you can reach leads that are likely to be interested in your business and at those that are at different stages of your Sales Funnel.

What is the Marketing Process?

Understanding why you need a marketing plan and how internet marketing can help is vital but you also need to know the marketing process to get results for your business.

This can be achieved in 6 simple steps.

  • 1. Develop your vision before your strategy – For your Marketing Success, the vision and strategy are equally important. However, it is the vision that always comes first. Developing a clear vision will help you create the correct strategy. If you have no vision, your strategy will not work.A lot of businesses never take the time to understand or even know their marketing goals or marketing vision. Devoting lots of time to your planning process is critical to ensuring your marketing efforts are successful.
  • 2. Focus on the customer experience – One of the goals that your business should have is to be able to measure how you make customers feel. This will determine whether your business is a great success or a failure.Word Of Mouth Marketing is key for every business’s growth. If a customer recommends you to someone else, it means they had a great experience with you and had a Referable Experience. This beats any marketing done in newspapers, magazines, tv, trade publication or any other media outlets.
  • 3. Create remarkable content – You must create content, like a publisher, that answers the User Intent from the search query they enter into Google. This will encourage them to click your link and visit your website.The easiest way to create content that works well for marketing is to make sure your business focuses on the problems your customers are having. The content you create should help to solve their problems.Your business can do some simple research and find unanswered questions in your niche. You can then seek to solve these using a step by step process. Once your customers visit your website and see that your business can solve their problem, they are more likely to make a purchase or be in one stage of your sales funnel.

    In a nutshell, it is all about delivering independent value with the content you create before you even attempt to make any sale.

  • 4. Improve your engagement model – Your website is for the business and helps to create one-way conversation. In contrast, your blog should be written for your prospects and help to create a two-way conversation. You do not need a blog but you do need a way to Engage And Communicate With Your Prospects.In today’s purchase decisions, there is always some amount of research online. This means it is crucial your business is found online easily so you can engage with potential customers and communicate clearly online.To do this, you will need to focus on the following areas:
    • SEO
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Participation

    This also means integrating your activity and online presence in your Offline Marketing Techniques.

  • 5. Educate your audience – In today’s marketing, you should not solely think of yourself as a salesperson. Your business needs to become an authority in your niche so that you can Educate Your Prospects.You need to learn what your prospects need to succeed at and then show how the service or product that you are selling can make that success achievable.Some techniques you can use to educate your prospects include:
    • Webinars
    • Workshops
    • Newsletters
    • Blogs
    • Slideshare
    • Infographics
  • 6. Develop a remarkable selling process – Your business marketing techniques need to generate leads. However, you also need to take the same approach when a possible prospect wants to learn more about your business. Having a well thought-out road map that all new leads follow and creating a proven process for any new clients can have a positive influence on the conversions your business obtains.
  • 7. Track your posting with a marketing calendar – For every business, time is crucial. You need to carefully plan how you are going to promote your services or products. By using a Marketing Calendar, you can plan monthly projects, daily marketing appointments and weekly action steps.You should follow your marketing calendar and keep your focus on the specified activity, even if the results are not instant. Avoid altering your marketing calendar for a few months and give it time to work.

How Does Sharing Messages Affect Your Sales?

In the last ten years marketing has changed dramatically. Before, it was all about who could shout the loudest and the message was pure and simple (“You should buy from us because…”).

Your business needs to take a different approach in 2020 with the message you are getting across to your target audience.

You need to help solve industry-related problems and prove your business can help each visitor. Your marketing message needs to tell a story about who should be using your service or product and why.

This means the approach of explaining the features and benefits of your products needs to be limited.

In a nutshell, Storytelling Product Descriptions will have a much better conversion rate than those that list out 25 features. They are also more successful than ones that simply copy the manufacturer’s product description – a practice we do not recommend here at KAP SEO.

Presenting your business message over the Internet has become a lot easier with social media. It allows us to connect and share stories easily.

Building Audience Connections can be achieved without selling directly. To do this, your business could support a charity, support a local football team or by offering people free information instead of commercial advertising.


Internet marketing and all the different techniques you can use can be overwhelming. A lot of businesses look at the small picture, see a mountain of tasks that need to be completed and then struggle to complete tasks such as a marketing plan. It’s important to take your time with research and planning, to ensure the strategy you have in place has been designed to drive success.

Every business needs a marketing plan to help Drive Quality Traffic To Their Website.

If you are not getting the correct message across to your target audience or your marketing road map has missing steps, you can find yourself falling well behind your competitor’s and losing out on leads and sales online.