Citations are an important part of your business, especially for attracting local customers to your brick and mortar store. Inaccurate business details such as an old address, incorrect business name or phone number can significantly harm your ranking in local search results.

Additionally, if your citations are wrong on external websites, you could be losing out on vital leads with people contacting the wrong number or seeking you out at the wrong location.

Our service transforms your citations to ensure they are consistent on citation websites and gives you peace of mind that your local link profile will not be negatively affected by incorrect or duplicate citations.

Our team use a 6-step process that involves manual input to provide the best service possible. We also provide full reports of any work completed for your review.

You can read about our process below.

Business details
Step 1: Your Business Details
We start by confirming all important information and details with you for either one or numerous locations.  We ask that you supply us with all business changes that have occurred since you started your business. These should include:
  • Change of address
  • Change of phone number
  • Change of business name
  • Change of domain name
Google search
Step 2: Manual Search For Citations
We will then perform a manual search using different variations of your address, old business names and phone numbers to identify where your business is listed on external websites. This detailed process ensures we collect as many citations as possible.
Incorrect citations
Step 3: Update Incorrect Citations
We will update or remove every citation that has incorrect details. This process can sometimes be tricky as the webmaster might not respond quickly or may want verification that we are representing your business. To make this process smoother, we will ask for an email address that is on your domain. Note – If a listing was not created using an email address on your domain, there is a chance the removal request may be unsuccessful or the webmaster may request additional proof of business ownership
Duplicate citations
Step 4: Remove Duplicate Citations
We will aim to remove any duplicate citations we find. As mentioned above, this process will be quicker if we have an email address on your domain.
Missing citations
Step 5: Add Missing Citations
We will list your business on all relevant websites where it does not already feature. With every listing, we will add as much detail as possible including the most relevant category, description and photos.
Citation reporting
Step 6: Reporting
We will provide you with a full report of where your business has been listed and give you the login details to the citation website.

Keeping online information about your business correct is vital. Not only does it ensure people are able to find your brick-and-mortar business, but it also helps to boost Local SEO and helps to increase footfall. By identifying, checking and updating citations on many different websites, you increase the chance of achieving all of these goals and more. 

Our team has been working in SEO for a number of years, with businesses from all industries. We have a working knowledge of the importance of citations and use this to deliver you the best possible service. If you would like more information about our citation building and audit service, please contact us on 07729840138 or fill in our Contact Us form today.