We can help you to create content that suits your marketing needs. From on-site content, blog posts, email copy, product descriptions and marketing material, we’ve got it covered.

Our content creation service is designed to get the right balance for search engines and users so that all content is on topic, relevant to the page and designed to keep users interested.

We use a 3-step process that you can read about below.

Web briefing document
Step 1: Web Briefing Document
We will need you to fill out a web briefing document to give us a full understanding of your business and the project you need completing. This will allow us to create content which represents your business.
Keyword research
Step 2: Keyword Research
In this step, we will conduct keyword research to find the words that are relevant to your business needs. If you are a local business, we will research keywords that are for local intent. Equally, if you offer your services or products anywhere else in the UK, we will search for national keywords too. We will send these to you for approval before we create any content. This process will be streamlined if you can provide any terminology related to your business so that we can check them for any search volume. Please note, the terminology that you provide will need to be two to three words long.
Content creation
Step 3: Content Creation
We will create all new content based on the web briefing document provided by you and the keyword research we have conducted. Once we have created your content, we will send it over to you in a Google document for review. We aim to get the content right first time and this is made easier by ensuring you provide us with as much information as possible in the web briefing document. You will be able to make any edits in the document or leave comments so we can make changes where relevant. The content process will only be complete once you are happy with everything we create.

The copy and content on your website plays a key role in driving traffic and conversions. From blogs and guides through to infographics and social media graphics, everything you put out says something about your brand. And, you want that message to be one that resonates with your audience. That’s why, here at KAP SEO Services, we help you create coherent, relevant and engaging content that keeps people on your website for longer. 

Our team can help you with everything, from initial keyword research through to the creation of topical content. We have experienced copywriters on hand that will work to keep your messages in keeping with your brand voice. To learn more or speak to a member of our team, please contact 07729840138 or fill in our Contact Us form today.