We have invaluable experience in conducting assessments at the point where a site fails to meet Google’s best practices and guidelines. We can identify and provide reliable solutions to any issues that may have led to a penalty as well as getting penalties completely lifted and subsequently, putting your rankings back on track and recovering from any traffic loss.

Google analytics data
Step 1: Google Analytics Historical Data
We will use your Google analytics historical data to look for traffic drops that present potential algorithm issues. A sudden drop in traffic could be related to the loss of backlinks, a page broken or removed and redirects not put in place or many other technical facto
Keyword ranking analysis
Step 2: Keyword Ranking Analysis
We will gather all the keyword phrases you rank in the top 100 of Google search results for and evaluate the trend of any seed keywords on specific pages that lost traffic. Traffic could be lost because of seasonal search volume for a keyword or the search volume, in general, has gone down.
Step 3: Backlink Overview
We will look at your current backlinks to if see any of them are low quality and damaging your Google link profile.
Content quality
Step 4: Content Quality Overview
Content can become outdated really quickly and a page that was once getting lots of traffic soon becomes a low-value page on your website. We will use our Content Audit Service to review your content.
Open for indexing
Step 5: Pages Open for Indexing
We will check through the architecture of your website to check what pages are open for indexing. This means we document all the URLs that can be indexed in Google search results.
Pages indexed
Step 6: Pages Indexed
We will look at your website and use a search command in Google search results to see what pages are indexed. We can then match them up with the open for indexing pages.
Usabiliity issues
Step 7: Usability Issues
We will check your website for usability issues such as inner linking which can cause search engine crawlers, or indeed important users, to leave your website.
Traffic drop assessment reporting
Step 8: Reporting
We will produce reports to show you our findings and recommend the action needed to recover your online visibility.

Your website plays a vital role in the success of your online strategy. Therefore, when traffic drops, it’s imperative you understand why and how this can be resolved as quickly as possible. That’s where we come in. Our team of SEO and digital marketing experts will help you identify everything, including penalties and negative activity on your site. 

KAP SEO Services will help you get your website back up to full capacity. By growing the success of your online business, you can expect to see an improvement in conversions, brand awareness and general activity in your digital strategy. If you would like to talk about a drop in traffic for your website, do get in contact with us via 07729840138 or fill in our Contact Us form today.