Are you investing in your website’s SEO but struggling to understand which metrics you should be focusing on to determine success? It’s all well and good investing in your online presence but if you can’t identify whether your activity is moving you closer to the end goal, there’s a chance you could be throwing money down the drain. Today’s blog will cover the top 4 metrics we think you should be focusing on.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to the traffic driven to your website that doesn’t come from paid advertisements. These could be generated by search engine results and external backlinks, for example. For many SEO marketers, this is the most important metric – after all, you want your website to rank for keywords relevant to your audience and to generate organic traffic which makes each sale more valuable to you.

Bounce Rate

Your organic bounce rate will tell you how many people visited your site but left after only viewing one page. This metric is reported as a percentage which you want to be as low as possible. A low bounce rate shows that the traffic you’re driving to your website is likely to be more genuine – i.e. these users are actually looking for and finding the information they need there. A high bounce rate normally indicates that your website may need structural, content or design work to make it more user friendly. It can also mean that the keyword it’s linked to isn’t relevant to the information available.

Conversion Rate

By looking at how many customers visit your website and convert, you’re able to accurately report ROI for your SEO marketing efforts. This information allows you to understand which keywords are driving people to purchase alongside those that are just getting traffic to your website. If you find that one landing page in particular is driving a lot of conversions, you can use the same principles to improve your website.

Click-Through Rate

This metric allows you to understand how many people saw a search result and clicked through to your website. It shows that the keywords you’re using on specific pages is more successful and whether this needs to be infiltrated throughout the website. Information here will help you to update and optimise your metadata too.

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