Welcome to the story of our impact on Media Orb and its clients. Discover how our customised SEO solutions have contributed to the success of local businesses, national corporations, and e-commerce enterprises.

Project Overview

Media Orb wanted to boost their client’s online visibility and organic search rankings. We developed SEO strategies for local, national, and e-commerce businesses.


  1. SEO Expertise: We brought in-depth knowledge and experience to the table.
  2. Customised Strategies: We designed tailored approaches for each client, whether local businesses, national corporations, or thriving e-commerce ventures.
  3. Transparent Reporting: Our regular reporting practices inform clients about the effectiveness of our SEO efforts.


  • Local Clients: Local businesses experienced a significant rise in online visibility, resulting in increased foot traffic and substantial revenue growth.
  • National Clients: National clients saw substantial improvements in organic search rankings, expanding their reach and boosting conversions.
  • E-commerce Clients: E-commerce enterprises enjoyed substantial online sales and profitability growth thanks to our dedicated e-commerce SEO efforts.
  • SEO Business Growth: We help take the overall SEO monthly revenue from £8,000 to over £30,000 in 5 years.


This success story highlights the essential role of versatile SEO services in driving the growth of diverse clients, all under the guidance of Media Orb. Our customised SEO solutions have expanded online visibility, attracted new customers, and ultimately driven revenue growth.

The results of this case study affirm the importance of having a proficient SEO partner in achieving consistent growth and online prominence. KAP SEO Services took pride in being a part of Media Orb’s journey.