We will create you an SEO Strategy designed to improve your online visibility for Local SEO or National SEO.

Our proven techniques work across multiple niches to increase your rankings, traffic and sales.

We use a simple 8-step process that can be seen below.

Client briefing sheet
Step 1: Client Briefing Sheet
We will ask you to fill out a client briefing document so we can get a full understanding of what you want us to achieve with our marketing efforts. Once this data is filled in correctly, we can proceed with the following steps:
Benchmark online presence
Step 2: Benchmark Your Online Presence
We will gather data about your website and see how well it is performing. This will include checking your rankings, traffic, citations, maps, social media and backlinks. This will give us a benchmark of where you are right now and provide us with a clear picture of how we can help improve your online visibility.
Competitor analysis
Step 3: Competitor Analysis
When we do Competitor Analysis, we will ask you to supply the information for 4 of your main competitors. On top of this, we will gather a list of your organic competitors. These may differ and should cover all aspects of your business. Once we have agreed on these, we will then compare different metrics to understand where your competitors are outperforming you and why.
Technical audit
Step 4: Technical Audit
We will use our Technical Audit Service to make sure your website is performing well.
Marketing plan
Step 5 Create a Marketing Plan
Once we have completed all the steps above, we will be able to create you a marketing plan. This will be structured in a step-by-step action plan designed to improve your online visibility. For every client, this works in a different bespoke way. Our suggested marketing plan may have steps that require engagement from you or there may be steps that you would prefer to implement yourself. Once an agreement has been made on the activity we will do each month, we will then provide an accurate quote for these services.
Content audit and content creation
Step 6: Content Audit & Content Creation
If you decide to go with our marketing plan, we ask that you agree for us to carry out a Content Audit. We will also provide our Content Creation services in line with your marketing strategy. We offer both a Content Audit Service and Content Creation Service. These two services are crucial within any marketing strategy to ensure your content is not holding you back. Once we have completed a content audit, it will highlight any of your existing content that is outdated, not targeting the correct keyword phrases or covering a topic too vaguely for Google to understand.
Marketing campaign
Step 7: Starting Your Marketing Campaign
We will double-check to make sure everything is in place to start your campaign and you are happy to proceed. Upon your approval, we will begin to implement our services.
Step 8: Reporting
We will send you monthly reports to show results in line with your marketing plan.

SEO is what we do here at KAP. We create detailed and tailored strategies that work for businesses of all different sizes. Our teams are on hand to help you identify the right keywords, understand their competitors and create strong marketing plans to improve your online presence. With all of this and more, you’ll see your website climb up search engine rankings and find its way into the attention of key customers. 

Get in contact with the team here at KAP SEO Services today and let us help you get above the competition. We have the skills and expertise needed to keep helping you understand your current positioning, create content and technical alterations to improve this while also boosting your ranking across the board. Please call 07729840138 or fill in our Contact Us form today.