This case study delves into how a comprehensive website audit led to bibic’s decision to complete a website overhaul, significantly enhancing their online visibility and user experience.

Client’s Objective

bibic’s primary objective was to revamp its website to bolster online visibility, foster better audience engagement, and provide an enhanced user experience.

Scope of Work

To achieve these goals, we proposed a comprehensive website audit to identify existing issues and improvement opportunities. Our audit was an exhaustive examination of each page on their website, focusing on areas needing enhancement.

Audit Process

Thorough Examination: We conducted a detailed analysis of every bibic website page, examining various elements, including design, usability, and performance.

User Experience (UX) Assessment: We further assessed the website’s user experience by considering factors like navigation and page load times to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable visit for users.

Technical Evaluation: Our evaluation extended to the website’s technical underpinnings, including security, mobile responsiveness, and SEO optimisation, to enhance its overall performance.

Audit Results:

  • Our in-depth website audit uncovered a series of critical issues that were affecting bibic’s online presence.
  • Upon presenting these findings, we recommended a comprehensive solution to address these challenges effectively.
  • bibic noticed that the website had multiple issues and decided to replace it with a new one.


The bibic case study underscores the vital role that a thorough website audit plays in identifying and addressing critical issues.

As a direct result of our audit, bibic moved forward with creating a new website. This pivotal move ultimately led to a remarkable transformation of their online visibility and user experience. This project is a compelling example of the importance of periodic website audits in reinforcing an organisation’s online presence.

By staying attuned to evolving digital standards and addressing areas needing improvement, businesses can remain competitive and continually enhance their online presence.