Our competitor analysis service is a process of collecting and analyzing your competitors strengths and weaknesses.

This allows us to position your business against your key competitors and, in turn, help you improve your marketing strategies. We can help you gain a competitive edge within your niche and identify areas for improvements.

If your competitors are implementing more successful marketing techniques, it gives them the opportunity to outrank you digitally and obtain a larger percentage of the market share within your niche.

We use a simple 3-step process to complete your competitor analysis which you can read about below.

Step 1: Gather Competitors
We will gather together a list of your organic competitors and ask you to supply the information for 4 of your main competitors. Once we agree on the key competitors you want to benchmark, we can move onto step 2.
Compare common metrics
Step 2: Compare Common Metrics
Our main objective here is to collect data about your website and compare them to that of your competitors. We obtain this data both manually and using specialist tools. At this point, there are numerous areas that we will check and gather information from. However, the two main areas are: Keywords Gap Analysis – This step determines which keywords your competitors rank well for that you do not. We then reverse-engineer to discover why your competition ranks higher for these words and look at how your rankings can be increased. Backlink Gap Analysis – This step identifies which websites are linking to your competitors but not to you. This is crucial data that allows us to see what links you need to obtain to close the gap between you and competitors backlink profile.
Reporting and action plan
Step 3: Reporting and Action Plan
Once we complete your competitors analysis, we will supply you with all the data supported by reports so you can see how you compare to your competitors. You will receive an action plan that provides suggested steps to help close the gap between you and your competitors.

Having a clear understanding of your competition is the best way to improve your own performance. It allows you to identify what they’re doing well while also figuring out what types of content may work better for your marketing strategy. We help you do just this, analysing the activity of your main competitors to help you get ahead. 

Here at KAP SEO Services, we work hard to align SEO with digital marketing. This gives us an edge, ensuring your entire strategy lines up coherently at all times. We have worked with businesses of all different sizes and from a range of industries. So, if you’re looking to understand your competition more, get in contact today. Call us on 07729840138 or fill in our Contact Us form today.