We can help you improve your brand awareness on your social media channels by connecting you with the right audience and creating optimised social media posts.

Our proven techniques to help fill content gaps on social media will help improve your online visibility and help improve user engagement.

We use a simple 4-step process that can be seen below.

Social media briefing document
Step 1: Social Media Briefing Document
We will ask you to fill out a Social Media Briefing document so we get a full understanding of your business. This will give us valuable information to ensure we understand your business goals on social media.
Competitors analysis
Step 2: Competitors Analysis
We will analyse your competitors and identify what is working for them. This gives us the opportunity to go one better than your competitors and produce more engaging posts.
Social media posts
Step 3: Create Social Media Posts
We will create your social media posts for the networks that have been already agreed in step 1. Note – we only create social media posts to fill content gaps on your social media channels and do not post them for you or engage with your audience.
Social Media - Measure activity
Step 4: Measure Activity
In the briefing document, we have asked for access to your social media accounts. This is so that we can look at your analytics on the specific channels before creating or publishing content. This also allows us to see how well your social media channels are currently performing. Once all of the posts that we have created have been published, we will measure the engagement they had. If you are happy with the resulting engagement, we will continue to create new social media posts for the following month.

Social Media is an integral part of modern life. It’s one of the places where businesses of all sizes can easily connect with their audience, using minimal advertising spend. The right content will help you resonate with your target market while making you relevant and relatable to their everyday lives. Here at KAP SEO Services, we understand the importance of social media and want to help everyone reap the benefits. 

Our Social Media service helps you get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and more. We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive strategy that drives your business towards its goals. To discuss how we can help you on social media today, please call 07729840138 or fill in our Contact Us form today.